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"This was a much needed and friendly experience.  What wonderful women!  You knew exactly where to place everything in our new home." 


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Organize & De-clutter

Preparing your house for sale or just needing help to manage the clutter?  With busy schedules and years of accumulation, sometimes coping with the “stuff” becomes overwhelming.  Most people do not know what to do with it all. 

Angels on the Move can help!

With our years of experience and resources, we help find ways to recapture the lost space in your home and redistribute the unwanted items – many times for cash.  Save money by de-cluttering now so there is less to move later.

Pre-Move Planning

Too busy?  Family and friends not available?  Let us help!

We plan moves every day and have a wide range of resources and cost-saving information to make it easier for you and your family. 

Not sure what furniture will fit?  Let us measure your new residence and existing furniture and then work with you to develop the plan that best fits your lifestyle.  Careful planning ensures a place for everything and can reduce the moving costs.

Don’t know what to do with the unwanted items?  With our years of experience and contacts, we have a variety of related service providers including realtors, movers, storage options, consignment shops, eBay partners, auctioneers, etc.  Let us suggest different ways to donate or profitably redistribute saleable items.  

Coordinating the Move

Whatever your age, moving is considered one of the most stressful events in your life.  Add to that 30, 40 or 50 years of accumulation, and it becomes overwhelming. 

Angels on the Move can be there for all or part of the move. We will arrange, schedule and coordinate all the details with the moving company including grandfather clocks, scheduling elevators, extra stops and any other special requirements or requests.  We will even label the furniture to be moved, donated, sold or stored. 

Our movers have the experience and longevity in the business to handle any size move – both local and long distance. Employees are insured, bonded, background checked and drug screened for your safety and protection.

Sort & Pack

Whether it is your finest china, precious family pictures, or your everyday clothes, our team will work side-by-side with you to sort articles to be moved, sold, donated, sent to family and friends or discarded.  We offer emotional and practical support to guide you through the downsizing process and sort through years of memories. 

Our teams are professionally trained to efficiently pack and safeguard all your belongings in mover-quality boxes.  We can use your boxes or provide all the packing materials. 

Unpack & Settling-In

At the end of the move, when you are tired and overwhelmed by the mountain of boxes, our team arrives to turn the chaos into order and make your new place feel like home.

We will unpack and put away ALL the contents of the boxes and wardrobes, organize the closets and set up the kitchen according to your wishes and needs.  We will even make the bed so you have a comfy place to rest at the end of the day.  It will seem like you have always lived there. 

Serving Northeast Ohio
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